Hello everyone,

At the risk of dating myself, I’ve spent over three decades in financial management and bookkeeping. I’ve seen the industry evolve in many ways, continually adapting my role as a bookkeeper and financial controller.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous clients, managing an array of lodgements. These range from Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Superannuation to long service leave and more, ensuring no two days are the same!

In the whirlwind that is the life of a bookkeeper, have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated amidst the sea of varying lodgements for each client? 

  • Do you find your inbox being flooded with clients wanting updates of lodgements?
  • Do you have an overview of the various lodging schedules that vary client to client?
  • Do you ever find yourself in a race against time to get them all done on time?

For me, and many bookkeepers I know there’s a confidence that comes with being well-organised and on top of things. In our line of work, tardiness in lodging, or the failure to do so, could lead to interest penalties, fines, and could put our clients in a tight spot.

One of the challenges that I’ve come across is the absence of a consolidated platform that tracks all types of lodgements. There are some tools out there that do bits and pieces, but none provide a holistic view.

What about a simple checklist, that provides me with a bird’s eye view of each client’s requirements for the entire financial year? 

This is what I’ve made and it means that at any given moment, I can see exactly where I stand, and what’s next on the agenda for each client. This checklist has become an essential tool in my arsenal, allowing me to gather information from clients in a timely manner, enabling me to lodge on their behalf punctually. Above all, it provides that much sought after peace of mind.

A screen shot of the Client Lodgement Check List

Having benefited from it myself, I felt I should share this practical solution with my fellow bookkeepers. It’s a modest excel sheet, no bells or whistles, but it does the job. With a few clicks, each client is set up and their due dates and requirements are at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your processes or if you’re someone who revels in the joys of being organised, I invite you to download this checklist and give it a whirl.

Moreover, I’d be absolutely delighted to hear about any tips or tricks that you’ve employed in managing your own bookkeeping business for multiple clients. After all, even after all these years, there’s always something new to learn.

Have a great FY24!