Meet Vivid Enterprise Solutions, virtual Melbourne-based Xero bookkeepers and add-on specialists. Directed by Karen Andrews, Vivid Enterprise Solutions works with small to medium businesses across a wide range of industries, providing comprehensive, custom-tailored bookkeeping services. They specialise in streamlining and automating workflows, ensuring their clients have up-to-date figures to plan, reach goals, and grow profits.



Vivid manages over 100 Xero files for their clients. For more than 20 clients, they manage and pay all bills, including insurances, registrations, and ASIC bills, for which penalties are severe for late payment. 

A lot of time was being spent on manual handling of these renewals by Vivid and their clients, and the reminders system they had in place through Airtable, though functional, required constant updating and lacked the seamless operation Karen desired.



At the Accounting and Business Expo in Melbourne in March this year, Karen connected with MMR founder, Deb Thomas and had a detailed conversation about the challenges Vivid was experiencing in managing renewals for their clients. After understanding the value MMR could bring, Karen decided to implement the platform in their business. With the help of her BA, Karen was able to transfer all the information from their existing system into MMR.


How MMR Worked for Vivid Enterprise Solutions

The most valued feature for Vivid has been MMR’s configurable reminders. They can be set to notify multiple people, ensuring that the right people receive reminders at the right time. While they are yet to utilise it, Karen also sees significant potential in using MMR’s certificate of currency sharing requesting for their building construction clients, which will further streamline their services.


“I absolutely recommend Manage My Renewals, I am a member of a few bookkeeping groups and after implementing a couple of new softwares in the last month, including MMR, I’m planning on making a post recommending it to other bookkeepers.”  Karen Andrews – Director | Vivid Enterprise Solutions



While it’s still early days for Vivid Enterprise Solutions with MMR, Karen is confident that the platform will prove a significant time-saver. It’s helping them to reduce manual handling, streamline processes, and enables them to provide an even more efficient and reliable service to their clients.



Manage My Renewals has helped Vivid Enterprise Solutions streamline their renewals process, saving time and ensuring important dates are kept. 

If you are in a business managing multiple renewals, or provide business services to clients, and looking for a seamless way to stay on top of it all, consider trying Manage My Renewals. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing yours and your clients’ renewals are in good hands.


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