The Juggling Act of Client Lodgements as a Bookkeeper

Hello everyone, At the risk of dating myself, I’ve spent over three decades in financial management and bookkeeping. I’ve seen the industry evolve in many ways, continually adapting my role as a bookkeeper and financial controller. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of assisting numerous clients, managing an array of lodgements. These range from […]

Streamlining with Manage My Renewals: A Vivid Enterprise Solutions Case Study

Introduction Meet Vivid Enterprise Solutions, virtual Melbourne-based Xero bookkeepers and add-on specialists. Directed by Karen Andrews, Vivid Enterprise Solutions works with small to medium businesses across a wide range of industries, providing comprehensive, custom-tailored bookkeeping services. They specialise in streamlining and automating workflows, ensuring their clients have up-to-date figures to plan, reach goals, and grow […]

What Is Fleet Management? Everything Aussie Bookkeepers Need To Know

Do your clients have multiple vehicles to keep track of – maybe even in different states?  Or perhaps they’ve come to you after they’ve forgotten to renew their registration or insurance one too many times, and are wondering how they can stay on top of it all.  In this guide, we’ll give you all the […]

If you miss renewing a domain name you could lose much more than you think

If you own a domain name, you need to look after it. As we move to increased digital adoption both through and after the pandemic years your domain names have become increasingly important and valuable. Your domain name is your business – It can reflect the marketing focus for your entire business.   Consider for a […]

The importance of your car registration.

Why you need to be on top of your vehicle registration dates Let’s face it, we all lead such busy lives, it is so easy to leave things to the last minute. It’s the squeaking wheel that gets oiled first. However, there are also some things that should be done as soon as possible in […]

Scrapping car rego stickers helps NSW rake in millions in revenue

The NSW government is raking in more than $40 million a year in fines from tens of thousands of people found to be driving unregistered vehicles. Scrapping car rego stickers saved the state government $575,000 in printing costs in 2013 and was sold to drivers as “making life easier”. But it also added millions in […]